Frequently Asked Questions

All cats scratch! It's a natural behaviour and is actually necessary for the health of your cat. Scratching conditions a cats claws, provides a way for the cats to stretch and exercise. Most importantly, scratching removes frayed and worn outer claws, exposing new, sharper ones. It may be frustrating for cat owners when they scratch the furniture, but instead of trying to stop your cat from scratching you should provide them with a cat scratching post from Scratzme. This will ensure your cat will stop scratching your furniture and carpets and will give them a purpose built solution for their scratching needs.

Keeping the cat away from the area that is being damaged by scratching is the simplest solution to the problem, although not always possible. Another solution is to make the area that is being damaged unattractive to your cat. Cats like to scratch rough, textured surfaces that they can sink their claws into. Therefore, if your cat likes to scratch the corner of the sofa - try and cover it with a smooth blanket for a few months. Textured wallpaper is another favourite place for cats to scratch, but covering the entire wall with a smooth surface is impossible without completely redecorating.

Many cats scratch the sofa, carpets and even wallpaper because they simply do not have another option to fulfil their scratching needs. All cats need to scratch and the best solution for both you and your cat is a good quality cat scratching post from Scratzme.

Cardboard posts that lie flat on the floor should be large enough for the cat to stand on them and scratch at the same time. Another factor to consider is the height of the post. Cats reach upward and pull down against the post, so a cat's posts should be at least as tall as he is to allow him to stretch and flex his back.

We've put years of research into what cats like to scratch and along the way have heard hundreds of comments such as "my cat won't use them" or "my cat prefers the sofa". The simple answer to this is - you haven't tried a Scratzme cat scratching post yet.

Cats prefer to scratch a vertical surface tall enough to allow them to fully stretch up, arch their backs and really get stuck into it. Also high up the cats most wanted list is a sturdy, stable post that won't topple over when they're scratching it. All Scratzme products are handmade using superb quality materials. Specifically, our Sisal rope is a premium quality natural sisal and your cat will go mad for it. It's so much more attractive to your cat than the rope used on any other cat scratching post.

The simple answer to this is that it depends on you and your cat. We have found that it's not necessary and your cat will scratch at our products without the need for catnip. However, if you have used catnip on scratching posts in the past, then you may have inadvertently trained your cat to respond to it, and in this case it may be necessary.
Usually, (in our experience) cats like to scratch after they wake up, after they eat and also to greet you when you enter your home. Therefore, you should ideally have a scratching post placed near to the front door of your home, near to where the cat eats and sleeps and where you spend the most time with your cat. This may require more than one scratching post.
Ideally Yes. Cats like to take ownership of things - especially scratching posts. If you have more than one, your cats will share them - but ultimately they'll have one each and will know who owns which.
There are many ways to get in touch with us here at Scratzme. All methods of contact are shown on our Contact Us Page
All our products are proudly South African and handmade by and expert team of manufacturing technicians at our small workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, to exacting standards.
Scratzme products are available in most pet and vet stores nationwide, just request a catalogue from your nearest store, as well available on online stores due the extensive range offered.

Here at Scratzme, we've spent years developing what we believe are the best Cat Scratching Posts available in South Africa today. Not only are the products we produce well made and built to last - but they're also built to be functional and that's why every single one of our products comes with our unique to the industry CATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If you or your cat are not entirely satisfied with your product and you answer NO to either of the 2 questions below then you're covered by our CATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

  • Does your cat use the scratching post?
  • Are you happy with the scratching post?
  • In the extremely unlikely event that you have answered no to either question, simply return the product to us unused and undamaged within 14 days for a full refund!* We regret that we cannot refund any courier charges associated with returning a scratching post.

All of our scratching posts are handmade to exacting standards. We only use premium grade Sisal Rope and unlike any other post on the market, we hand wind the rope onto the post. Furthermore, we fix the rope to the post all the way up so it's guaranteed not to unravel. We only use the softest luxury fleece which provides comfort and warmth for your cat. We use the best materials from sustainable sources and are keen on recycling wherever possible. All of our products are our own designs and not available to buy anywhere else. Some scratching posts may look the same - but if it's not a Scratzme product then your cat will know the difference! Our units and designs dimensions are generally much larger to ensure stability of the unit and the safety of larger breed cats.
This is a 'how long is a piece of string' scenario and will depend on many factors such as how many cats you have, how old they are, how active they are etc. However, we would expect a Scratzme product to outlast any other post on the market due to its superior quality rope and high quality construction.
Remember, an important component to your cat finding a scratch satisfying is the ability to shred the material. Sisal rope versus sisal fabric for cat scratching posts. Sisal rope is used on cat scratching posts, but cats really do seem to prefer sisal fabric, which allows for better shredding.
Yes. You are welcome to visit our workshop (by appointment only please) at Scratzme, Unit 11, Cavi Court Block B, 28 Killarney Ave, Killarney Gardens. Please ensure to contact us first to ensure we will be able to assist you on the day.
Yes. If you have a specific request please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
Yes. If you have a specific request please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
Our products are heavy. The sisal rope itself is a significant weight. We therefore cannot afford to offer free shipping based on being charged by the volumetric weight of the unit. Remember, we are a small company that supply direct. We don't have the volume sales required for courier discounts. The price you pay is the price we have to pay.
Every Scratzme scratching post is handmade by us from scratch. Following your order and full payment your order will be added to our build queue - the size of our build queue varies. Typically, you can expect to receive your order within our lead time of 5-7 working days, excluding delivery that may take 2-3 days depending on the destination. Some custom made orders may take longer but we will keep you informed of the progress along the way. We will supply you with tracking information so that you can keep an eye on your delivery.