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Kitties can jump, play, climb and hide in our four-story condo. Cats love this four-level playhouse. Features a large cradle on the top for chilling out after a great play session! This unique kitty condo has three levels for extra space. The large cradle on top and sturdy base will give your cats plenty of room for playing or relaxing. The sisal twine rope toy makes the Viewtube full of features to keep one or more cats entertained.

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Feline Fortress Cat Furniture

Due to the demand for the Kitten Castle for adult cats instead of only kittens, we have designed this unit for all sizes and breeds to enjoy and have endless hours of fun! This unit is very stable and offers not only a scratz post but bed and scratz dome for additional entertainment.

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Pebble Paws

Something different, soft fleece fabric levels for comfort.

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Hotel Meowiott

This unit is suitable for cats of any age and size. Short of nothing that a kitty could desire and dream of!

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Bengal Cat Scratch Post

A beautifully handcrafted entry level unit, with a scratz dome and cradle for kitty to take perfect naps. This unit is ideal for kittens as well as adult small breeds.

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Abyssinian Cat Furniture

This is the basic entry level unit, perfect for kittens and small breeds as a first introduction to their new toys!

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A stunning corner unit with scratch roller, triangular levels, cradle with an open top & hole, various posts, and levels.

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Kiaras Empire

This amazing unit will leave your kitties with endless joy! Perfect for large breed cats, as well as households with numerous kitties! This unit offers metal and physical stimulation, and is compact with a variety of activities!

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Black Mangrove

his is a modern Eco-Friendly scratz post which will give your cat many hours of scratching pleasure. It provides an ideal alternative to furniture for your furry friend to scratz and climb.

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Round and round and round they go and where your darling pet stops nobody knows!

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Cat Nap

Curl around, stretch and kick, all in a days fun!

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Trump Towers

This wonderful idea was inspired by the strays in our neighbourhood that needs a backpacker style sleeping arrangement at night. We leave one outside for anyone in need of a warm bed for a night!

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Some units are just worth it, and a must for every home! This is most definitely one of them!

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Kitty Galore

This an awesome unit for a home with limit space. It fits perfectly into a corner without cramping kittys style. Ample space and activities to ensure the happiest cat around the block!

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Rollin Royalty

Great all round unit with lots of activities and play areas.

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Ming Inn

At long last, a palace worthy of our regal roommates!

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Great for large breed cats, various levels for sleeping or keeping food bowls off the floor. Ideal for kitties that like their own bedding added on top!

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Purrsian Palace

Magnificent gift for the extra special kitty.

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This unit is a great space saver, and offers both mental and physical stimulation to your cats!

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Very practical tall sturdy posts with a box on the upper level, every cats dream!

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Every kittys dream cat post with various levels and half bed on top.

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Very sturdy cat post, with multi levels and 7 posts.

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Snooze Inn

This is a fantastic winter product, complete with sleeping bag to keep kitty warm!

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Scratz Twice

The Scratz Twice has two levels for kitty to climb on, this unit works really well at a window or where kitty needs to get up or down from. Not enough room for a full size "tree" but need a place your cats can call their own?

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The Ritz

Superb for 2 or more cats, the full-house of everything a kitty can desire.

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Relax and Stratz

Keeping it simple, this pedestal features a sisal rope scratch post. The tall perch offers your pet the challenge of exercise as it leaps to find its perch!

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Purr Delight

This product is great for physical as well and mental stimulation for your kitty. They can use it for taking naps too!

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Stretch Me

Great basic cat post for adult cats, purrfect for stretching their backs against the post!

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Stretch Me Brush

Great for adult cats to scratz and groom themselves! Includes a rope toy for extra fun!

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Siesta Sofa

This is kittys ultimate dream couch! Plush soft faux fur with foam on the inside for luxury naps.

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Nap Pad

As many people know, department store condos are not wide enough for all cats. The Nap Pad is large enough for big cats

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Bachelor Box

A great play place for homes with limit space. Can be scratched and also used as a breeding box.

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Stylish, eccentricity? Modern cat furniture designs delivers unique and fun cat furniture that does not compromise on style. We hope you will enjoy your Modern kitty wheels just as much as your cat does!

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Sleepy Hollow

Our Sleepy Hollow has two levels and is the perfect answer to space limitations. It has three sleeping compartments for kitties without sacrificing a lot of floor space. We also have a single story unit available.

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Lounge Around

Lounge Around, take naps, scratz, the perfect way to spend a kittys day!

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High Rise Twin

The first floor to ceiling cat post available in South Africa. A must for every cat lovers home!

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Door Hanger

A necessity for every home that owns a cat. This unit is perfect to hang over door handles or to add to additional rooms where kitties hang out. It is also a great deterrent from kittys usual scratching place if you need to teach them better habits.

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