Mid Size

Lazy Daze Cat Furniture

Awesome unit for kitties to relax in and watch the world go by... This mid-sized sleeper is designed with one sisal twine and one carpet post for variety. This sturdy unit has been built for cats jumping on and launching off of with a large sturdy base. The height makes ascending and descending easy for cat of all ages and abilities.

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Scratz Stairs

Fantastic for kitties as well as adult cats. Suitable for up to 2 cats. Graceful kitties will appreciate the even spacing of this step-up perch. Two tall sisal posts mean equal opportunity scratching. Construction: 3 levels, quality carpet. 3 solid natural wood posts. Strong plywood bases. 2 posts are wrapped with sisal rope. Ships fully assembled.

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The Igloss Cat Furniture

Fun for all to play, chill out and scratch!

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The Cats Whiskers

Beautiful unit with a full house of activities.

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Each level comes with cradle of 60cm in length and tunnel below and 10cm in dia, 28 cm dia tunnel & 40x50cm base.

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Korat Cat Stratch Post

This unit comes complete with tunnel, cradle and bed posts of 30cm, 60cm & 1m, and is ideal for young or active cats!

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Ramamuffin Cat Stratch Post

This awesome unit has 3 posts, 2 beds, house, 1 cradle.

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Munchkin Cat Furniture

Various levels, tunnels, ladder and rope, the perfect toy for active cats.

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Manx Cat Stratch Post

This is the ideal space saver unit, designed to fit into a corner with a triangular level, whiskers with toys, post & half bed.

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Chateau de cat

The only castle that is good enough for your royal kitties! Various hidding holes, lots of entertainment and fit for the kings and queens of your heart!

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Pamper Purradise

A beautiful unit with two sleeping areas and viewpoints for for chilling out. This unit is great for playful and inquisitive kitties that likes to explore!

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Purriscope Cat Scratch Scope

A Massive amount of fun for furry fritters! With various levels, sleeping places, ample scratzing surfaces and joy all round! This unit gets delivered semi-knock down so save some space.

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Corner Cabin

This unit is perfect for adult cats and flats or apartments with limited space. The unit fits nicely into a corner which means that both you and kitty will be happy!

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Kitty Villa

A Wonderfully advanced unit for one or more cat to play and be entertained for hours!

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Hide Me 2

A great unit for adult cats, with hiding holes for playing and amusement of both pets and owners!

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Hide Me Low

Hide me low offers a basic cat post with a hiding hole for playing and sleeping. Kitties love to scratz the carpet on the tunnel as well!

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Kitty Condo

The Kitty Condo is great for young cats to play on and find their balance!

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Something different for the creative kitty and owner. A great second toy to keep mentally and physically fit! Whether is play time, sleep time or scratz time, your kitty will have it all!

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