Maxi Scratz

4 Big Cats

This is a basic unit for large breeds cats, with ample space to sleep on top and a choice of scratzing areas.

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The Ritz Deluxe

Kitty Gyms are the ultimate playgrounds, providing your cat large areas for climbing, jumping, playing, and lounging. Your feline friends will enjoy these large units that come in a variety of styles and in a variety of materials. On many of our large cat gyms, optional sisal rope can be added in multiple spots, allowing your cats plenty of opportunities to sharpen their claws on their gym rather than your furniture!

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Hotel Califurnia

Scratching posts are covered in natural sisal twine that can endure a lot of scratching.

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The Cabanas is the perfect choice for a cat who enjoys to cuddle up inside things. If your cat loves to hide and play in cardboard boxes, he or she will surely enjoy this cat condo. Many of our cat furniture accommodates multiple cats, and have added features like scratching areas,cradles and lounging spots. Choose between models that allows you to custom configure your carpet color and options, or go with a pre-manufactured model.

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Cat Flats

Our popular cat window perches allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors by having a front row seat to the action. You will be amazed at the enjoyment that your cat will get from sitting in the window in a cat window seat, window cat bed, or cat window shelf, being able to watch birds and other outdoor activity. These cat window perches provide a comfortable lounge and vantage point for your cats. They attach easily and securely to most windows.

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Natures Answer

The ultimate tree for kitty to be totally ecstatic!!! Perfect for large breed cats and any others that kitty would be prepared to share this magnificent tree house with! The tree can be replaced with another or can be sold without the tree. The perfect gift to complete a happy home!

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Vibrant Village

An entire house filled with fun options for active and curious cats.

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Kiaras Empire

This amazing unit will leave your kitties with endless joy! Perfect for large breed cats, as well as households with numerous kitties! This unit offers metal and physical stimulation, and is compact with a variety of activities!

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