A beautifully designed unit, perfect to make any kitty love you forever! The Savannah comes with a scratch roller, triangular shape levels, various posts, triangular tunnel, half bed in middle and larger half bed on top.

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A stunning corner unit with scratch roller, triangular levels, cradle with an open top & hole, various posts, and levels.

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Russian Blue

A state of the art unit with various posts, I tunnel, level with the hole in the centre, scratch pad & hammock on top.

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This awesome unit has 3 posts, 2 beds, house, 1 cradle.

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High Rise Single

The first floor to ceiling cat post in South Africa. A must for every cat lovers home! Please note that the price is for either the unit of the left with the tunnel at the bottom or for the unit on the right which includes the ladder. Not both units.

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Jungle Den

This beautiful cat tree is perfect for kittens and fully grown cats alike. Bring nature indoors and make kitty feel right at home!

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The Hilton

The Large Kitty Gym is the ultimate play place for your cats and is a huge 1.5m tall! There is plenty of climbing and lounging room for a multi cat family, plus a great hideaway on top. The large double base ensures stability. Staggered tiers and platforms allow for easy climbing. Plenty of room for your whole family of cats! The finest materials available are used to make this the safest possible haven for your kitty. This is all designed with the well-being of your kitty in mind. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose. Ships fully assembled!

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The Marriot

Various cradles, perfect for a family of furry friends!

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Villa Via

This unit is great for kitties to sleep in and laze around on top.

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Hide n Scratz

Your cat will jump for joy or at least jump for bed when you bring home this 95cm tall post bed! The most athletic cat will be challenged by this uncomplicated sky-high perch. Narrow base makes it easy to place in a small home.

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Kitten Castle

This is a wonderful unit for new kittens, with bed, ramp and scratzing area.

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